Bem1/Scd2, PX domain (IPR035550)

Short name: Bem1/Scd2_PX

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This entry represents the phox homology (PX) domain found in budding yeast Bem1 and fission yeast Scd2. The PX domain is a phosphoinositide (PI) binding module present in many proteins with diverse functions such as cell signaling, vesicular trafficking, protein sorting, and lipid modification. The PX domain of Bem1 specifically binds phosphatidylinositol-4-phosphate (PI4P) [PMID: 17581820].

Bem1 (Bud emergence protein 1) is involved in establishing cell polarity and morphogenesis [PMID: 1996092]. It interacts with Axl2 (required for axial budding in haploid cells) and forms a complex with Cdc42, Cdc24, and Cla4 [PMID: 17460121, PMID: 24062340]. Scd2 forms complexes with both scd1 and cdc42sp and is required for normal morphology and mating [PMID: 7923372].

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