Disks large homologue 5, SH3 domain (IPR035537)

Short name: DLG5_SH3

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DLG5 is a multifunctional scaffold protein that is located at sites of cell-cell contact and is involved in the maintenance of cell shape and polarity [PMID: 24910533, PMID: 22539977]. Mutations in the DLG5 gene are associated with Crohn's disease (CD) and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) [PMID: 16773680]. DLG5 is a member of the MAGUK (membrane-associated guanylate kinase) protein family, which is characterised by the presence of a core of three domains: PDZ, SH3, and guanylate kinase (GuK) [PMID: 10966866]. The GuK domain in MAGUK proteins is enzymatically inactive; instead, the domain mediates protein-protein interactions and associates intramolecularly with the SH3 domain [PMID: 21965684]. DLG5 contains 4 PDZ domains as well as an N-terminal domain of unknown function.

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