NDPK7, first NDPk domain (IPR035525)

Short name: NDPk7A

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The nm23-H7 nucleoside diphosphate kinase (also known as NDPk7 or NME7) consists of an N-terminal DM10 domain and two functional catalytic NDPk modules, NDPk7A and NDPk7B. The function of the DM10 domain, which also occurs in multiple copies in other proteins, is unknown. NDPk7 is predominantly expressed in testes, although appreciable amounts are also found in liver, heart, brain, ovary, small intestine and spleen [PMID: 11768308]. The nm23-H7 gene is located in or near the hereditary prostrate cancer susceptibility locus. Nm23-H7 may be involved in the development of colon and gastric carcinoma, the latter possibly in a type-specific manner [PMID: 15726650, PMID: 19421718].

This entry represents the first NDPk domain (NDPk7A) of NDPk7.

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