IOC4-like, PWWP domain (IPR035503)

Short name: IOC4-like_PWWP

Overlapping homologous superfamilies


Domain relationships

  • PWWP domain (IPR000313)
    • IOC4-like, PWWP domain (IPR035503)


This PWWP domain is found in Ioc4 (ISWI one complex protein 4), a component of of the S. cerevisiae ISW1B complex, as well as in S. pombe hypothetical protein SPBC215.07c. The ISWI (imitation switch) complex acts in chromatin remodeling [PMID: 14622597, PMID: 12482963]. SPBC215.07c has also been proposed to bind chromatin [PMID: 12842472].

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