Homologous Superfamily

Ada-like domain superfamily (IPR035451)

Short name: Ada-like_dom_sf

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The Escherichia coli Ada protein repairs O6-methylguanine residues and methyl phosphotriesters in DNA by direct transfer of the methyl group to a cysteine residue. This domain contains four conserved cysteines that form a zinc binding site [PMID: 1581309, PMID: 8500619]. One of these cysteines is a methyl group acceptor. The methylated domain can then specifically bind to the ada box on a DNA duplex. The zinc binding site is located in the N-terminal region and consists of four beta strands [PMID: 8500619].

The methylation of the N-terminal site of Ada induces a structural change, which is independent of the transferred methyl group but enhances the promoter affinity of a remodeled surface region, trigger of the transcriptional enhancement of the ada regulon [PMID: 8500619, PMID: 11284682].

This superfamily represents the N-terminal domain of the Ada domain as well as the C-terminal domain of some ribosomal proteins (L17, L4 and L20) from Actinobacteria.

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