Homologous Superfamily

Tim10-like domain superfamily (IPR035427)

Short name: Tim10-like_dom_sf

Overlapping entries


This domain superfamily is found in mitochondrial import inner membrane translocase subunits Tim8, Tim9, Tim10 and Tim13, which are located in the mitochondrial intermembrane space.

The Tim8-Tim13 complex has a complex architecture, similar to the Tim9-Tim10 complex, composed of a hexametric architecture with long helices which look like tentacles extend from a central loop [PMID: 18706423]. In each subunit of the Tim9-Tim10 complex, a signature "twin CX3C" motif forms two intramolecular disulfides [PMID: 16387659].

Tim9 plays an important functional role that includes facilitating the initial steps in translocating precursor substrates into the intermembrane space [PMID: 19037098].

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