NADPH oxidase regulator NoxR, PB1 domain (IPR034892)

Short name: PB1_NoxR

Overlapping homologous superfamilies


Domain relationships

  • PB1 domain (IPR000270)
    • NADPH oxidase regulator NoxR, PB1 domain (IPR034892)


The PB1 domain is present in the Epichloe festucae NoxR protein (NADPH oxidase regulator), a key regulator of NADPH oxidase isoform, NoxA [PMID: 21282602]. NoxA is essential for growth control of the fungal endophyte in plant tissue in the process of symbiotic interaction between a fungi and its plant host. The Epichloe festucae p67(phox)-like regulator, NoxR, is dispensable in culture but essential in plants for the symbiotic interaction [PMID: 17041146]. The PB1 domain of NoxR is essential for localization to the hyphal tip [PMID: 21282602].

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