TFG, PB1 domain (IPR034857)

Short name: PB1_TFG

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Domain relationships

  • PB1 domain (IPR000270)
    • TFG, PB1 domain (IPR034857)


This is the PB1 domain found in TFG protein (TRK-fused gene), an oncogenic gene product first identified as a fusion partner to nerve growth factor tyrosine kinase receptor TrkA/NTRK1 [PMID: 9488046] and subsequently found as an oncogenic fusion gene in various cancers [PMID: 22489105, PMID: 22581839]. TFG is localised at endoplasmic reticulum (ER) exit sites and modulates ER export [PMID: 23479643]. It may function at the ER/ERGIC interface to locally concentrate COPII-coated transport carriers and link exit sites on the ER to ERGIC membranes [PMID: 25586378]. It is also a an inhibitory regulator of the ubiquitin-proteasome system [PMID: 24613659].

The PB1 domain is a modular domain mediating specific protein-protein interaction in many critical cell processes, such as osteoclastogenesis, angiogenesis, early cardiovascular development and cell polarity. A canonical PB1-PB1 interaction, which involves heterodimerization of two PB1 domains, is required for the formation of macromolecular signaling complexes ensuring specificity and fidelity during cellular signaling. The interaction between two PB1 domain depends on the type of PB1. There are three types of PB1 domains: type I which contains an OPCA motif, acidic aminoacid cluster, type II which contains a basic cluster, and type I/II which contains both an OPCA motif and a basic cluster [PMID: 17726178]. The PB1 domain of TFG represent a type I/II domain.

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