WhiB-like iron-sulfur binding domain (IPR034768)

Short name: 4FE4S_WBL

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Members of the WhiB-like (Wbl) family are found in actinobacteria and are implicated in the regulation of developmental processes. All WhiB- like proteins have four conserved cysteine residues where two of them are in a C-X-X-C motif. The four cysteine residues are proposed to act as the ligands for a [4Fe-4S] cluster. Wbl-mediated transcription regulation is dependent upon the presence or absence and state (nitrosylated or non-nitrosylated) of the [4Fe-4S] cluster [PMID: 17157031, PMID: 18252205, PMID: 22792304].

This entry represents the Wbl-type 4Fe-4S domain.

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