Yippee domain (IPR034751)

Short name: Yippee

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The Yippee-like (YPEL) family proteins share homology to drosophila Yippee, a zinc finger binding protein. YPEL proteins are found in essentiallly all the eukaryotes and hence they must play important roles in the maintenance of life. Subcellular localization of all YPEL proteins to the centrosomes and the mitotic apparatus suggest their role in the mitosis-associated function. YPEL proteins contain a Yippee domain, which is a putative zinc-finger-like, metal-binding domain [PMID: 11240639, PMID: 15556292, PMID: 20555386, PMID: 26061551].

The Yippee domain contains two cysteine pairs that are fifty-two amino acids appart (C-X(2)-C-X(52)-C-X(2)-C) and could be part of a metal (zinc) binding pocket [PMID: 11240639].

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