RH2 domain (IPR034744)

Short name: RH2

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The RH2 (RILP homology 2) Rab-binding domain is found in the following animal proteins [PMID: 14668488, PMID: 15933719, PMID: 22740695]:

  • Rab interacting lysosomal proteins (RILP), which interacts with Rab7, Rab34, and Rab36.
  • RILP-like 1 (RILP-L1), which interacts with Rab12, Rab34, and Rab36.
  • RILP-like 2 (RILP-L2), which interacts with Rab34 and Rab36.
  • JNK-interacting protein 3 (JIP3), which interacts with Rab36 alone.
  • JNK-interacting protein 4 (JIP4), which interacts with Rab36 alone.

The RH2 domain is folded into a long helix alpha1 and a short helix alpha2 connected by a very tight loop. The RH2 domain forms a tightly associated four helices homodimer in which both helices alpha1 and alpha2 are involved in dimerization. Such a homodimer binds to two separate Rab-GTP molecules on opposite sides, with both helices involved in the interaction with Rab. In the complex interface, although each Rab-GTP interacts with both helices of the RH2 domain, these two helices are contributed by two different molecules, with helix alpha1 coming from one protomer and helix alpha2 from the other protomer [PMID: 15933719].

The entry represents the entire RH2 domain.

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