Mandelate racemase-like (IPR034593)

Short name: Mandelate_racemase-like

Overlapping homologous superfamilies

Family relationships


The mandelate racemase group consists of the subset of enolase superfamily enzymes with a conserved histidine, presumably acting as an active site base, at the position of H297 in Pseudomonas putida mandelate racemase (UniProt:P11444). An additional conserved aspartic acid controls the pKa of this histidine (D270 in Pseudomonas putida mandelate racemase). Families contained within this group include mandelate racemase, galactonate dehydratase, gluconate dehydratase, L-fuconate dehydratase, D-tartrate dehydratase, and L-talarate/galactarate dehydratase [PMID: 8987982].

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