D-mannonate dehydratase-like (IPR034589)

Short name: D-mannonate_dehydratase-like

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The mannonate dehydratase (manD) group consists of the subset of enolase superfamily enzymes with a conserved tyrosine, presumably acting as an active site base, at the position of Y159 in the experimentally characterized manD from Novosphingobium aromaticivorans. An additional conserved arginine controls the pKa of this tyrosine (R147 in N. aromaticivorans manD). At the present time, mannonate dehydratase is the only characterized family within this group. Other enzymes within the group have been shown to catalyze the low efficiency dehydration of D-gluconate and/or D-mannonate, but the biologically relevant function of these enzymes is unclear [PMID: 17944491, PMID: 24697546, PMID: 25145794].

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