TIAR, RNA recognition motif 1 (IPR034492)

Short name: TIAR_RRM1

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This entry represents the RNA recognition motif 1 (RRM1) of nucleolysin TIAR (TIA-1-related protein).

TIAR is a cytotoxic granule-associated RNA-binding protein that shows high sequence similarity with TIA-1 [PMID: 25522169]. TIAR plays a critical role in transcriptional and posttranscriptional regulation of gene expression [PMID: 25918534]. It binds to target mRNA and DNA via its RNA recognition motif (RRM) domains and is involved in both splicing regulation and translational repression via the formation of stress granules [PMID: 23603827]. TIAR is composed of three N-terminal highly homologous RNA recognition motifs (RRMs) and a glutamine-rich C-terminal auxiliary domain containing a lysosome-targeting motif. Its RRMs are involved in binding to U-rich RNA, but with unequal contributions. RRM2 of TIAR is the major RNA- and DNA-binding domain [PMID: 23603827].

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