Rim4/Msa1, RNA recognition motif 1 (IPR034352)

Short name: Rim4_RRM1

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This entry represents the RNA recognition motif 1 (RRM1) of Rim4, a putative RNA binding protein that is expressed at elevated levels early in meiosis [PMID: 8417990, PMID: 10806425]. It functions as a meiotic activator required for both the IME1- and IME2-dependent pathways of meiotic gene expression, as well as early events of meiosis, such as meiotic division and recombination [PMID: 11713679]. RIM4 contains two RNA recognition motifs (RRMs).

Proteins containing this domain also includes Msa1 from Schizosaccharomyces pombe. It may be involved in the inhibition of sexual differentiation by controlling the expression of Ste11-regulated genes, possibly through the pheromone-signaling pathway [PMID: 15166138]. Like Rim4, Msa1 also contains two RRMs, both of which are essential for the function of Msa1.

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