RBM25, RNA recognition motif (IPR034268)

Short name: RBM25_RRM

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This entry represents the RNA recognition motif (RRM) of RBM25, which is a RNA-binding protein that acts as a regulator of alternative pre-mRNA splicing. It localizes to the nuclear speckles and associates with multiple splicing components, including splicing cofactors SRm160/300, U snRNAs, assembled splicing complexes, and spliced mRNAs. It may play an important role in pre-mRNA processing by coupling splicing with mRNA 3'-end formation. It can activate proapoptotic Bcl-xS 5'ss by binding to the exonic splicing enhancer, CGGGCA, and stabilize the pre-mRNA-U1 snRNP through interaction with hLuc7A, a U1 snRNP-associated factor [PMID: 18663000]. It has been shown to function in cardiac sodium channel splicing regulation of human heart failure [PMID: 21859973, PMID: 22939879].

RBM25 contains a well conserved RNA recognition motif (RRM), at the N terminus, a RE/RD-rich (ER) central region, and a C-terminal proline-tryptophan-isoleucine (PWI) motif.

Proteins containing this domain include Usp107 from S. pombe. Usp107 is a component of the U1 snRNP particle, which recognizes and binds the 5'-splice site of pre-mRNA [PMID: 17264129].

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