Ubiquinol oxidase subunit 2, cupredoxin domain (IPR034227)

Short name: CuRO_UO_II

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The transfer of electrons to the terminal acceptor O2 is catalyzed by a group of proteins in the heme-copper oxidases superfamily. This superfamily is divided into two distinct families: cytochrome c oxidases and ubiquinol oxidases, which have different electron donors. Ubiquinol oxidase, the terminal oxidase in the respiratory chains of aerobic bacteria, is a multi-chain transmembrane protein located in the cell membrane. It takes electrons from ubiquinol and catalyzes the reduction of O2, simultaneously pumping protons across the membrane. Subunit II of ubiquinol oxidase (known as CyoA in E. coli) lacks the binuclear CuA site found in cytochrome c oxidases, but the structure is conserved [PMID: 11334784, PMID: 11017202].

This entry represents the cupredoxin domain found in ubiquinol oxidase subunit II [PMID: 10544288, PMID: 1324168].

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