PUF60, RNA recognition motif 3 (IPR034212)

Short name: PUF60_RRM3

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This entry represents the RNA recognition motif 3 (RRM3) of PUF60 (also known as FIR). PUF60 is an essential splicing factor that functions as a poly-U RNA-binding protein required to reconstitute splicing in depleted nuclear extracts. Its function is enhanced through interaction with U2 auxiliary factor U2AF65 [PMID: 17579712]. PUF60 also controls human c-myc gene expression by binding and inhibiting the transcription factor far upstream sequence element (FUSE)-binding-protein (FBP), an activator of c-myc promoters [PMID: 16452196]. PUF60 contains two central RNA recognition motifs (RRMs) and a C-terminal U2AF (U2 auxiliary factor) homology motifs (UHM) that harbours another RRM and binds to tryptophan-containing linear peptide motifs (UHM ligand motifs, ULMs) in several nuclear proteins [PMID: 19636907].

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