Retropepsin-like catalytic domain (IPR034170)

Short name: Retropepsin-like_cat_dom

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This entry represents the peptidase domain found in a group of retropepsin-like aspartic endopeptidases from retroviruses, retrotransposons and retroelements. This group of aspartic peptidases is classified by MEROPS as the peptidase family A2 (retropepsin family, clan AA), subfamily A2A [PMID: 7674916]. Proteins containing this domain include retropepsins from human immunodeficiency viruses (MEROPS identifiers A02.001, A02.002) [PMID: 16970402], Mason-Pfizer leukemia virus (A02.009), Rous sarcoma virus (A02.015), intracisternal A-particle (A02.016) [PMID: 9188588], and "endogenous viruses" from human (A02.011) [PMID: 17199106], rabbit (A02.024) and mouse (A02.060).

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