Pepsin-like domain (IPR034164)

Short name: Pepsin-like_dom

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This entry represents a domain found in a group of pepsin-like aspartic proteases. They are found in mammals, plants, fungi and bacteria and are classified by MEROPS as members of the peptidase family A1 (pepsin A, clan AA) [PMID: 7674916]. Proteins containing this domain also include the fungal enzymes mucorpepsin (A01.013) [PMID: 26008185], polyporopepsin (A01.019) [PMID: 15321718], CtsD peptidase from Aspergillus (A01.077) [PMID: 17275325] and CnAP1 peptidase from Cryptococcus neoformans (A01.078) [PMID: 17651737]; plasmepsins from the malaria parasite Plasmodium (A01.021, A01.022, A01.023, A01.043, A01.059) [PMID: 21540129] and necepsin-1 from the hookworm Necator (A01.053) [PMID: 12552433], which degrade host hemoglobin; and shewasin A from the bacterium Shewanella (A01.095) [PMID: 21749650].

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