Chemokine CC, DCCL motif-cointaining domain (IPR034133)

Short name: Chemokine_CC_DCCL

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This domain is found in a subgroup of CC chemokines based on the presence of a DCCL motif involving the two N-terminal cysteine residues. This subgroup includes a number of small inducible cytokines capable of reversibly inhibiting normal hematopoietic progenitor proliferation by blocking progression through the cell cycle; including Exodus-1 (also known as CCL20, MIP-3alpha, LARC, ST38 (mouse)), Exodus-2 (also known as CCL21, SLC, 6-Ckine, TCA4, CKbeta9), and Exodus-3 (also known as CCL-19, ELC, MIP-3beta, CKbeta11) [PMID: 10666233]. Exodus-3 was shown to inhibit the growth of human breast cancer cells in vivo in a mouse model [PMID: 10754294]. Exodus-1, -2, and -3 were all shown to significantly inhibit chronic myelogenous leukemia progenitor cell proliferation [PMID: 10666233]. Exodus-2 and -3 show potent immunotherapeutic activity toward solid tumours [PMID: 12172984]. They are found only in vertebrates.

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