CX3C chemokine domain (IPR034127)

Short name: Chemokine_CX3C

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Chemokine CX3C is one of four chemokine subgroup designations based on the arrangement of the two N-terminal cysteines. Currently, the only member of this group identified to date is CX3C chemokine ligand 1 (CX3CL1), also known as fractalkine or neurotactin. The primary source of fractalkine is neurons, and it exhibits cell adhesion and chemoattractive properties in the central nervous system [PMID: 9136448, PMID: 12125082]. Fractalkine differs structurally from the other subgroups in that it is attached to a membrane-spanning domain via a mucin-like stalk and can be proteolytically cleaved to a freely diffusible form [PMID: 10770945]. Fractalkine combines properties of chemoattractant and adhesion molecule [PMID: 24556958]. It is chemotatic for T cells, monocytes, and natural killer cells [PMID: 9024663, PMID: 21320123].

This entry represents the N-terminal chemokine domain of fractalkine [PMID: 10770945, PMID: 9931005].

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