Peptidase inhibitor 16-like, SCP domain (IPR034124)

Short name: SCP_PI16-like

Overlapping homologous superfamilies

Domain relationships

  • CAP domain (IPR014044)
    • Peptidase inhibitor 16-like, SCP domain (IPR034124)


This SCP-like extracellular protein domain is found in peptidase inhibitor 16 (PI16), also known as CRISP-9, and in HrTT-1, a tail-tip epidermis marker in ascidians [PMID: 17867843, PMID: 9601991]. PI16 suppresses proteolytic activation of the chemokine chemerin [PMID: 27539859].

The SCP domain is also known as CAP domain [PMID: 18824526]. The wider family of SCP containing proteins includes plant pathogenesis-related protein 1 (PR-1), CRISPs, mammalian cysteine-rich secretory proteins, which combine SCP with a C-terminal cysteine rich domain, and allergen 5 from vespid venom. It has been proposed that SCP domains may function as endopeptidases.

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