LSM domain containing 1 (IPR034110)

Short name: LSMD1

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LSM domain containing 1, also known as Mak31 or Naa38, is the auxillary component of the N-terminal acetyltransferase C (NatC) complex which catalyzes acetylation of N-terminal methionine residues [PMID: 11274203].

LSMD1 proteins have a single Sm-like domain structure. Sm-like proteins exist in archaea as well as bacteria, forming heptameric and hexameric ring structures similar to those found in eukaryotes [PMID: 10369684].

GO terms

Biological Process

No terms assigned in this category.

Molecular Function

No terms assigned in this category.

Cellular Component

GO:0031417 NatC complex

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