Sm-like protein Lsm11, middle domain (IPR034109)

Short name: Lsm11_M

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This entry represents the middle domain of Lsm11.

The eukaryotic Sm and Sm-like (Lsm) proteins associate with RNA to form the core domain of the ribonucleoprotein particles involved in a variety of RNA processing events including pre-mRNA splicing, telomere replication, and mRNA degradation. Members of this family share a highly conserved Sm fold containing an N-terminal helix followed by a strongly bent five-stranded antiparallel beta-sheet [PMID: 11259661, PMID: 10369684, PMID: 24513854].

Lsm11 is an SmD2-like subunit which binds U7 snRNA along with Lsm10 and five other Sm subunits to form a 7-membered ring structure. Lsm11 and the U7 snRNP of which it is a part are thought to play an important role in histone mRNA 3' processing [PMID: 12975319, PMID: 15824063].

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