Glr3161-like, domain (IPR034075)

Short name: Glr3161-like_dom

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This entry refers to a domain founnd in predominantly uncharacterized, non-peptidase homologues from family S8 (subtilisin) in which one or more active site residues are not conserved. Included within this entry is the Glr3161 protein from Gloeobacter violaceus, in which the catalytic histidine has been replaced.

This domain is part of a family of domains found in serine peptidases belonging to the MEROPS peptidase families S8 (subfamilies S8A (subtilisin) and S8B (kexin)) and S53 (sedolisin), both of which are members of clan SB [PMID: 9070434,PMID: 7845208,PMID: 8439290,PMID: 12673349].

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