Hatching enzyme, peptidase domain (IPR034039)

Short name: ZnMP_hatching_enz

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This entry represents the peptidase domain of the zinc-dependent metalloprotease hatching enzyme. Hatching enzymes are secreted by embryos to digest the egg envelope or chorion. In some teleosts, the hatching enzyme may be a system consisting of two evolutionary related metalloproteases, choriolysin H (high choriolytic enzyme, HCE; MEROPS identifier M12.007) and choriolysin L (low choriolytic enzyme, LCE; MEROPS identifier M12.006), which may have different substrate specificities and cooperatively digest the chorion [PMID: 1397682, PMID: 16128802]. Other embryonic hatching enzymes included in this entry are from quail (MEROPS identifier M12.324) [PMID: 16003522], Xenopus and crayfish (MEROPS identifier M12.014) [PMID: 11559358]. Also included in this entry is nephrosin (MEROPS identifier M12.008) from the carp whose function is unknown but has been isolated from kidney [PMID: 14709555].

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