Meprin peptidase domain (IPR034038)

Short name: ZnMP_meprin

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This entry includes the peptidase domain of the zinc-dependent metalloprotease meprin. Meprin can be either membrane-bound or secreted, and cleaves a variety of targets, including peptides such as parathyroid hormone, gastrin, and cholecystokinin, cytokines such as osteopontin, and proteins such as collagen IV, fibronectin, casein and gelatin. Meprin may also be able to release proteins from the cell surface. Closely related meprin alpha- (MEROPS identifier M12.002) and beta-subunits (MEROPS identifier M12.004) form homo- and hetero-oligomers [PMID: 14587282, PMID: 12399461]; these complexes are found on epithelial cells of the intestine, for example, and are also expressed in certain cancer cells [PMID: 15943977].

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