Tolloid/BMP1 peptidase domain (IPR034036)

Short name: ZnMP_TLD/BMP1

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This entry includes the zinc-dependent metalloprotease domain of BMP1 and tolloid-like proteins. Procollagen C-peptidase (BMP1, Bone morphogenetic protein 1; MEROPS identifier M12.005) and TLD (tolloid)-like metalloproteases play vital roles in extracellular matrix formation, by cleaving precursor proteins such as enzymes, structural proteins, and proteins involved in the mineralization of the extracellular matrix. The Drosophila protein tolloid (MEROPS identifier M12.010) and its Xenopus homologue xolloid (MEROPS identifier M12.015) cleave and inactivate Sog and chordin, respectively, which are inhibitors of Dpp (the Drosophila decapentaplegic gene product) and its homologue BMP4, involved in dorso-ventral patterning [PMID: 16622848, PMID: 9594656, PMID: 8787532].

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