Galactarate dehydratase 2 (IPR033977)

Short name: Galactarate_dehydratase_2

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Enzymes in the galactarate dehydratase 2 family catalyze the dehydration of galactarate. The product of this reaction is the enantiomer of the product of the galactarate dehydratase reaction catalyzed by the L-talarate/galactarate dehydratase family in the mandelate racemase subgroup. Though the overall reaction catalyzed is the same as that of enzymes in the galactarate dehydratase 3 family, a distinct set of catalytic residues are used by enzymes in families 2 and 3 [PMID: 19883118].

galactarate(2-) -> 3-deoxy-D-threo-hex-2-ulosarate(2-) + H2O

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