MTH1175 domain (IPR033913)

Short name: MTH1175_dom

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This entry represents a domain found in MTH1175.

MTH1175 is an uncharacterized conserved protein belonging to a family of iron-molybdenum cluster-binding proteins that includes NifX, NifB, and NifY, all of which are involved in the synthesis of an iron-molybdenum cofactor (FeMo-co) that binds the active site of the dinitrogenase enzyme [PMID: 2747620,PMID: 11823455]. This domain is a predicted small-molecule-binding domain (SMBD) with an alpha/beta fold that is present either as a stand-alone domain (e.g. NifX and NifY) or fused to another conserved domain (e.g. NifB) however, its function is still undetermined [PMID: 12836677]. The SCOP database suggests that this domain is most similar to structures within the ribonuclease H superfamily. This conserved domain is represented in two of the three major divisions of life (bacteria and archaea) [PMID: 11471757].

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