Nitroreductase NfsB-like (IPR033878)

Short name: NfsB-like

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Nitroreductases are flavin-associated oxidoreductase enzymes that reduce nitro substituents on aromatic rings. They can be divided in two functional classes. Type I nitroreductases are oxygen-insensitive, i.e. can generate nitroso, hydroxylamine and/or amine end-products in the presence of molecular oxygen, whereas type II nitroreductases are oxygen-sensitive and can only generate these products when oxygen is absent [PMID: 26431849].

This family includes type I oxidoreductases such as NfsB from Escherichia coli [PMID: 8947835], RdxA and FrxA from Helicobacter pylori [PMID: 11489869], and FRase I in Vibrio fischeri [PMID: 8755909], which reduces FMN into FMNH2 as part of the bioluminescent reaction [PMID: 9654450]. This type of nitroreductase can be used in cancer chemotherapy to activate a range of prodrugs [PMID: 11020276, PMID: 26431849].

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  • cd02149 (NfsB_like_nitroreductase)