Bacteriophage protein C (IPR033855)

Short name: Protein_C

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Peptidase family S49 includes signal peptide peptidases (SppAs). Site-directed mutagenesis and sequence analysis have shown these SppAs to be serine proteases. The predicted active site serine for members in this family occurs in a transmembrane domain. Mutagenesis studies also suggest that the catalytic centre comprises a Ser-Lys dyad and not the usual Ser-His-Asp catalytic triad found in the majority of serine proteases [PMID: 18824507].

Protein C from bacteriophage lambda (MEROPS identifier S49.003) is the peptidase responsible for the processing of several viral proteins. It activates itself, degrades the internal scaffold protein upon which the procapsid is assembled, and processes the portal complex protein gpB [PMID: 20620152]. This entry also includes the scaffold protein from bacteriophage P21 and proteins from bacteria which are presumably the result of integration of viral DNA.

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