Polycomb group protein, RNA binding region (IPR033763)

Short name: SCML2_RBR

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SCML2 is a mammalian Polycomb-group protein, which associates with the Polycomb repressive complex-1 (PRC1) that is essential for the epigenetic regulation of gene expression. Isoform SCML2A has been shown to bind to PRC1 via its SPM domain and to interact with ncRNAs through a novel RNA-binding region (RBR). The RBR is necessary for targeting of SCML2A to chromatin and PRC1 recruitment, suggesting a role for ncRNAs in regulating SCML2 function [PMID: 24986859].

This entry represents the RNA-binding region of SCML2, also found in other Polycomb-group proteins.

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