PET prickle (IPR033723)

Short name: PET_prickle

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Prickle has been implicated in regulation of cell movement in the planar cell polarity (PCP) pathway [PMID: 12874125], which requires the conserved Frizzled/Dishevelled (Dsh). Prickle interacts with Dishevelled [PMID: 15937478], thereby modulating the activity of Frizzled/Dishevelled and the PCP signaling. Two forms of prickle have been identified, namely prickle 1 and prickle 2. These are differentially expressed; prickle 1 is found in fetal heart and hematological malignancies, while prickle 2 is expressed in fetal brain, adult cartilage, pancreatic islet, and some types of tumorous cells [PMID: 12525887].

Prickle contains an N-terminal PET domain and three C-terminal LIM domains. This entry represents the PET domain of prickle. The PET domain is a protein-protein interaction domain, usually found in conjunction with the LIM domain, which is also involved in protein-protein interactions. The PET containing proteins serve as adaptors or scaffolds to support the assembly of multimeric protein complexes.

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