N-acetylglutamate synthase, kinase-like domain (IPR033719)

Short name: NAGS_kin

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This is the N-acetylglutamate (NAG) kinase-like domain of the NAG Synthase (NAGS) of the arginine-biosynthesis pathway (ABP) found in gamma- and beta-proteobacteria and higher plant chloroplasts. The domain architecture of these NAGS consists of an N-terminal NAG kinase-like (ArgB) domain and a C-terminal NAG synthase, acetyltransferase (ArgA) domain. Both bacterial and plant sequences have a conserved N-terminal extension; a similar sequence in the NAG kinases of the cyclic arginine-biosynthesis pathway has been implicated in feedback inhibition sensing. Plant sequences also have an N-terminal chloroplast transit peptide and an insert (approx. 70 residues) in the C-terminal region of ArgB [PMID: 12633501, PMID: 16122935].

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