WAP, Kazal, immunoglobulin, Kunitz and NTR domain-containing protein 1 (IPR033638)

Short name: WFIKKN1

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WFIKKN proteins are secreted multidomain proteins containing a WAP (whey acidic protein)-, a follistatin/Kazal-, an immunoglobulin-, two Kunitz-type protease inhibitor-domains, and an NTR (netrin) domain. They have been reported to inhibit the activity of trypsin, and to bind GDF11 (growth and differentiation factor 11) and myostatin (GDF8) [PMID: 21936825]. Due to the presence of multiple domains that frequently serve as protease inhibitors, WFIKKN proteins are presumed to control the action of diverse serine proteases as well as metalloproteinases [PMID: 11928817].

WFIKKN1 expression in human is observed in pancreas, liver, thymus, kidney, testis and lung [PMID: 11928817].

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