Putative WW-binding domain and destruction box (IPR033461)

Short name: WRNPLPNID

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This short conserved region is a putative destruction-box, with its RxxLxxI sequence motif, though the homology is not absolute [PMID: 15014502]. The domain occurs on a number of tumourigenic proteins, on some RNA-binding proteins and serine-threonine regulatory proteins [PMID: 16172919]. The second less well-conserved motif, WITPS, is a potential WW domain ligand-binding motif for recruiting proteins to their substrates. WW domains bind tightly to short proline-containing peptides that are typically in regions of native disordered polypeptide, as this domain is as it lies between a PIN domain and a zinc-binding domain [PMID: 10037602].

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