EXPERA domain (IPR033118)

Short name: EXPERA

Overlapping homologous superfamilies


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The EXPERA (EXPanded EBP superfamilly) domain is conserved among the following protein families:

  • Vertebrate TM6SF1 (Transmembrane 6 Superfamily Member 1).
  • Vertebrate TM6SF2 (Transmembrane 6 Superfamily Member 2).
  • Eukaryotic MAC30 (Meningioma-associated protein 30) also known as TMEM97 (Transmembrane protein 97), mainly localized in the endoplasmic reticulum (ER).
  • Eukaryotic EBP (Emopamil binding protein), an enzyme with a D8, D7 sterol isomerase activity that catalyzes the transposition of a double bond from C8=C9 to C7=C8 in the sterol B-ring.

The EXPERA domain contains four transmembrane regions and is likely to possess a sterol isomerase catalytic activity [PMID: 25566323].

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