Peptidase M16, middle/third domain (IPR032632)

Short name: Peptidase_M16_M

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This is the third domain of some M16 peptidases, such as insulin-degrading-enzyme in eukaryotes or protease 3 from bacteria [PMID: 8099278]. Insulin-degrading enzymes - insulysin - are zinc metallopeptidases that metabolise several bioactive peptides, including insulin and the amyloid-beta-peptide. The tertiary structure of insulin-degrading enzymes resembles a clamshell composed of four structurally similar domains arranged to enclose a large central chamber. Substrates must enter the chamber, and it is likely that a hinge-like conformational change allows substrate binding and product release. Triphosphates are found to dock between the inner surfaces of the non-catalytic domains three and four [PMID: 22049080].

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