Aprataxin, C2HE/C2H2/C2HC zinc finger (IPR032566)

Short name: Znf-C2HE

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This is an unusual zinc-binding domain found in fungi, plants and metazoa. It is often found at the C terminus of HIT-domain-containing proteins (IPR001310). In fungi the fourth ligand is a Glu, in plants it is Cys and in metazoans it is usually a His. The fourth ligand is often mutated in neurogenerative disease-states [PMID: 21984210].

This domain can be found in Aprataxin, a DNA-binding protein involved in single-strand and double-strand DNA break repair, and base excision repair [PMID: 15044383, PMID: 16547001, PMID: 17276982].

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