Nucleolar pre-ribosomal-associated protein 1, C-terminal domain (IPR032436)

Short name: NopRA1_C

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Nucleolar pre-ribosomal-associated protein 1 (Npa1) is required for ribosome biogenesis and operates in the same functional environment as Rsa3p and Dbp6p during early maturation of 60S ribosomal subunits [PMID: 15208443]. The protein partners of Npa1p include eight putative helicases as well as the novel Npa2p factor. Npa1p can also associate with a subset of H/ACA and C/D small nucleolar RNPs (snoRNPs) involved in the chemical modification of residues in the vicinity of the peptidyl transferase centre [PMID: 15226434]. The protein has also been referred to as Urb1.

This domain is found towards the C terminus of Npa1.

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