BCL-6 corepressor, PCGF1 binding domain (IPR032365)

Short name: PUFD

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This entry represents the minimal domain at the C terminus of BCOR (BCL6 corepressor) that is needed for binding specifically to some of the PCGF proteins (polycomb-group RING finger homologues). Because of the selective binding, this domain has been named PCGF Ub-like fold discriminator (PUFD). PUFD binds to the RAWUL (RING finger- and WD40-associated ubiquitin-like) domain of the particular PCGF, PCGF1. Polycomb group proteins form repressive complexes (PRC) that mediate epigenetic modifications of histones. In humans there are many different PCGF homologues whose functions all vary, but the direct binding partner of PCGF1 is BCOR. BCOR has emerged as an important player in development and health [PMID: 23523425].

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