Interleukin-17 receptor, fibronectin-III-like domain 1 (IPR032356)

Short name: IL17R_fnIII_D1

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The five IL-17 receptors (IL17RA-IL17RE) exhibit considerable sequence divergence between one another, but all appear to contain extracellular domains composed of fibronectin type-III (FnIII) domains, and cytoplasmic SEF/IL-17R (SEFIR) domains.

This is the first of two fibronectin-type domains on interleukin-17 receptor proteins A and B [PMID: 17982023]. These two fibronectin-type domains are linked and together bind two molecules of IL-17 at one of its receptor-binding interfaces. This allows the other interface to bind to another receptor, thus allowing the IL-17 family of homodimeric cytokines to coordinate two different receptors [PMID: 19838198].

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