Arf GTPase-activating protein GIT1/2, coiled-coil domain (IPR032352)

Short name: GIT1/2_CC

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This entry represents the coiled-coil region of GIT (G protein-coupled receptor kinase-interacting) proteins. This coiled-coil region is the surface that associates with the equivalent binding-region on beta-PIX, or p21-activated kinase-interacting exchange factor proteins. Both GIT and PIX complex together to form a scaffold for the formation of multi-protein assemblies. On its own the GIT-CC region assembles into a parallel two-stranded CC in the asymmetric unit. Similarly the PIX coiled-coil region assembles into a trimer. At least in vitro the two regions associate together into a stable heteropentameric complex that consists of one PIX trimer and one GIT dimer [PMID: 19136011].

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