Krueppel-like factor 1, transactivation domain 2 (IPR031784)

Short name: EKLF_TAD2

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This is the first part of the minimal transactivation (TAD) domain of krueppel-like factor 1 (also known as EKLF), a transcription regulator of erythrocyte development that probably serves as a general switch factor during erythropoiesis. At the first 90 residues at the N terminus EKLF carries a minimal TAD domain that is highly acidic. This minimal TAD of EKLF can be further subdivided into two independent domains, TAD1 (residues 1-40) and TAD2 (residues 51-90), that are both capable of independently activating transcription. Both TAD1 and TAD2 are highly acidic and carry a PEST (sequence rich in proline, glutamic acid, serine, and threonine) region. Deletion of either PEST domain significantly slows down degradation of EKLF by ubiquitin. The minimal TAD has an overlapping activation/degradation function that is critical for the role of EKLF in red blood cell development [PMID: 24139988].

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