Coilin, N-terminal domain (IPR031722)

Short name: Coilin_N

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Coilin is a nuclear phosphoprotein that concentrates within Cajal bodies (CBs) and has a role in small nuclear ribonucleoprotein (snRNP) biogenesis [PMID: 15862129]. Coilin also acts to repress polymerase I activity in response to cisplatin-induced DNA damage, which could indicate a link between the DNA damage response and the inhibition of rRNA synthesis [PMID: 21289084].

Conservation at the amino acid level is highest within coilin's N- and C-termini. The first N-terminal 92-amino acid domain have been shown to self-interact and to be essential for proper targeting of coilin to CBs [PMID: 7490287, PMID: 11102515].

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