MYND-like zinc finger, mRNA-binding (IPR031615)

Short name: Zfn-C6H2

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This entry represents an unusual zinc-finger similar to Zfn-MYND, IPR002893. This zinc-finger is found in the N-terminal of methionine aminopeptidase 1, but it is missing in prokaryotic methionine aminopeptidases. It consists of a C2-C2 zinc-finger motif similar to the RING finger family followed by a C2H2 motif similar to zinc-fingers involved in RNA-binding. In yeast the domain chelates zinc in a 2:1 ratio. The domain is found in yeast, plants and mammals. The domain is necessary for the association of the methionine aminopeptidase with the ribosome and the normal processing of the peptidase [PMID: 11968008].

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