PCNA-associated factor, histone-like domain (IPR031444)

Short name: PCNA-AF_dom

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PCNA-associated factor or p15PAF is a nuclear protein first identified as a proliferating-cell-nuclear-antigen (PCNA)-binding protein [PMID: 11313979]. As a direct transcriptional target of activating transcription factor 3 (ATF3) it is involved in maintaining genomic integrity after UV exposure [PMID: 19219066]. It is also a direct transcriptional target of the Rb/E2F pathway, playing an essential role in DNA synthesis and cell cycle progression [PMID: 23593430]. p15PAF/KIAA0101 is overexpressed in multiple types of human cancer [PMID: 21689861, PMID: 22576474, PMID: 24197986].

This domain corresponds to a histone-like fold in p15(PAF).

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