Conserved Site

Sodium/sulphate symporter, conserved site (IPR031312)

Short name: Na/sul_symport_CS


Integral membrane proteins that mediate the intake of a wide variety of molecules with the concomitant uptake of sodium ions (sodium symporters) can be grouped, on the basis of sequence and functional similarities into a number of distinct families. The SLC13 family consists mainly of dicarboxylate and sulfate transporters [PMID: 16211368, PMID: 23506872], and includes of the following proteins:

  • Mammalian sodium/sulphate cotransporter [PMID: 7690140].
  • Mammalian renal sodium/dicarboxylate cotransporter [PMID: 8967342], which transports succinate and citrate.
  • Mammalian intestinal sodium/dicarboxylate cotransporter.
  • Chlamydomonas reinhardtii putative sulphur deprivation response regulator SAC1 [PMID: 8641280].

These transporters are proteins of from 430 to 620 amino acids which are highly hydrophobic and which probably contain about 12 transmembrane regions.

This entry represents a conserved region located in or near the penultimate transmembrane region.

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